Morning exercises

Therapeutic exercises

Stick walking

Water aerobics

Composition of a personal exercising programme


Composed of easy exercises and is suitable for everyone.

The purpose is to awaken the whole organism, gain a pleasant feeling and a good mood for the whole day.


Accelerates healing and restores working capacity. Is individual or in small groups, if necessary.

Different complexes of exercises are used, depending on the nature of the disease and on the general condition of the person (ailments of back and neck area, poor posture, post-traumatic conditions, cardiac and pulmonary patients).

Choice of intensity is individual.



Stick walking is much more effective than normal walking.

Walking with sticks also trains shoulder, arm and chest muscles. Helps to relieve neck and shoulder pains. Suitable in case of joint diseases - due to four support points the leg joints are less burdened than during ordinary walking. Stick walking burns approximately 400 calories per hour (one hour of regular walking burns about 280 calories). Special walking sticks are used. The walking stick is stiff and light, with a wide Velcro adjustable hand strap and a rubber tip necessary for walking on asphalt. Stick walking is suitable for people at any age and in any health condition.



Water aerobics is invigorating and stimulating. In the water environment, the body is light and the joints without burden. It is suitable for everyone, both old and young.


Ability to swim is not required. Water aerobics Includes exercises for all muscle groups, as well as simpler coordination, stretching and relaxation exercises. There are separate groups for the elderly and people with cardiac problems.
In the cardiac group the tempo of exercises is according to the abilities of participants. Some swimming aerobics equipments are used, like noodles, water dumb-bells, water gloves and swimming boards. The water temperature is 28 -30ºC.



A series of exercises, composed by a recovery treatment doctor or by a physiotherapist, helping to recover muscle and joint functionality.

Our exercising plan is based on the European renowned programme PhysioTools.
• muscle and joint system diseases
• cardio-vascular diseases
• nervous system diseases


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