We recommend for children

 We recommend for children ( 15 years, i.g)


Classical  massage

Massage with chocolate or strawberry massage balm

Therapeutic exercises in the gym (in a group) 

Water aerobics 

Composition of a personal exercising programme

A curative day with therapies 

Herbal pearl baths

Pearl bubble bath with chocolate or strawberry bath foam

Inhalation therapy

Salt therapy

Warm mineral wax wrap i.e paraffin - ozocerite therapy

Children’s facial



This massage can be performed for single parts of the body or for the whole body, according to the client’s wishes and needs.

Effect: relaxes painful and tense muscles, accelerates metabolism, activates the lymphatic circulation, cleans the organism of waste substances, improves blood circulation, has a relaxing effect against mental and physical stress, course of massage treatment will increase organism’s ability to resist diseases.

Contraindications: severe cardiac, renal and pulmonary diseases, malignant tumours, inflammatory diseases, contagious diseases, blood coagulation disorders, varicose veins and phlebitis.



Meant especially for children, the general massage with strawberry or chocolate massage balm is a truly enjoyable experience for the youngest guests of our spa. The massage balm invigorates and nourishes the skin and guarantees better mood and a sense of well-being.


Accelerates healing  processes and restores the ability to work. 

Can be conducted  individually or in small groups if necessary,. Complexes due to the use of different exercises for the human illness and general condition (back and neck ailments, posture disorders, post-traumatic conditions, cardiac and pulmonary patients).
Burden of choice is an individual, gymnastics approximately 30 minutes.



 Water aerobics is invigorating and stimulating. In the water environment, the body is light and the joints without burden. It is suitable for everyone, both old and young. Ability to swim is not required.


Water aerobics Includes exercises for all muscle groups, as well as simpler coordination, stretching and relaxation exercises. There are separate groups for the elderly and people with cardiac problems.
In the cardiac group the tempo of exercises is according to the abilities of participants.
Some swimming aerobics equipments are used, like noodles, water dumb-bells, water gloves and swimming boards. The water temperature is 28 -30ºC.



A series of exercises, composed by a recovery treatment doctor or by a physiotherapist, helping to recover muscle and joint functionality. Our exercising plan is based on the European renowned programme PhysioTools.


  • muscle and joint system diseases 
  • cardio-vascular diseases 
  • nervous system diseases


(package without overnight stays)

A day of professional spa therapy for those who do not need accommodation in the Tervis Hotel. You can have a broad choice of curative procedures and a doctor's consultation.

The package includes:

  • up to 3 of the following procedures per day form the following list:
    • classic massage, 23 min
    • salt chamber, 
    • inhalation
    • electrotherapy
    • magnetic therapy
    • ultrasound therapy
    • stretching therapy
    • underwater shower massage
    • whirlpool bath for feet or for hands
    • Charcot shower i.e jet shower, Scottish shower or fan shower
    • Warm mineral wax i.e paraffin-ozokerite therapy
    • herbal pearl bath
    • therapeutic paraffin mask for hands
    • water gymnastic, individual  therapeutic gymnastics
    • Doctors’ consultations are available to those staying at the spa for treatment for at least 4 days.


Warm freshwater baths at the temperature of 36-38 ºC, to which different herbal concentrates or sea salt are added, if necessary, and combining them with the pearl bath effect of fine air bubbles and massaging jets.

Effect: warm water combined with herbal extracts relaxes and relieves stress, skin will become smoother, softer and more elastic, improves bowel motility, nervous system will be balanced, improves sleep, intensifies metabolism, improves the oxygen supply in the whole body, lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation of hands and legs.
Indications: in combination with other hydro- and thermal therapies, these baths are suitable for patients with chronic cardio-vascular diseases, in combination with exercises in the hall or in the water and with massage, these therapeutic baths reduce ailments and joint stiffness in case of different joint diseases.
Contraindications: acute inflammations, severe cardiac diseases.

PINO natural bath oils are used for medical baths to achieve the best medical effect for various skin and health problems. PINO was founded in 1904. PINO is a leading European manufacturer of products used in balneotherapy, or the treatment of diseases by bathing, and for massage.
When bathing, a pleasant and thin layer of foam forms on the surface of water, a characteristic of natural bath oils. The foam has no healing properties. The effect is achieved by various natural ingredients of these bath oils. PINO medicinal bath oils combine best natural ingredients.

Our doctors will assist you in choosing the right bath oil.

Rosemary – invigorating, refreshing, improves blood circulation in subcutaneous tissue and muscles. Alleviates muscle pains, stimulates metabolism, and supports the nervous system. Reinforces will-power and mental work capabilities. Stimulates hair growth. Is not recommended for epileptics.
Eucalyptus–menthol – has a refreshing and breath reliving effect. Good against migraine and respiratory diseases. Stimulates blood circulations in the scalp and hair roots.
Chamomile – relaxing, softening the skin, is suitable for the people with different skin diseases and gynaecological diseases.
Horse chestnut – improves blood circulation in hands and legs. Has a therapeutic effect on vascular diseases and varicose veins.
Juniper – refreshing, invigorating, stimulates the nervous system. Has antiseptic qualities, alleviates acne and eczemas. Alleviates rheumatic joint pains, stimulates the removal of waste substances from tissues.
Lavender – relaxing, softening, reduces muscular and joint pains. Is suitable against nervousness, stress and sleeping disorders. Has antiseptic qualities. Reduces acne and psoriasis. Alleviates diseases caused by catching cold.
Lemon balm – anti-inflammatory, relaxing effect. Is suitable against nervousness and sleeping disorders.
Orange – tissue trimming effect, increases metabolism of skin and subcutaneous tissues. NB! When being an active sunbather or solarium user, it is recommended to use another herb, since the orange in conjunction with UV radiation has a stimulating effect on the skin melanocytes and can have an undesirable effect.
Sea salt – improves metabolism, reduces oedemas, and removes excessive body fluids. Suitable against chronic skin diseases, psoriasis, and the blood circulation disorders in hands and legs.
Spruce thorn – antiseptic, stimulates blood circulation. Used in cases of respiratory tract infections, cold and flu and rheumatic pains. Accelerates renal functions and cleans kidneys. Suitable for people who are in the need of extra energy, who lack decisiveness and self-confidence. Oil is good against male impotency. NB! Overdose may cause irritation in case of sensitive skin.
Sea salt -  Indications: Suitable for treatment of chronic skin diseases, psoriasis and blood circulation disorders of the hands and feet.

Please note: can irritate sensitive skin if overused.



The youngest clients of our spa will have so much fun in a nice bubble bath with strawberry or chocolate bath foam.

Gentle bubbles, warm water and delicious fragrance of strawberry or chocolate have an overall relaxing effect.

The bath also refreshes the skin, makes it softer and pampers the whole body from head to toe.


 During the procedure a special inhalator is used through which a prescribed medicine is inhaled as aerosol.
As necessary, the effect of the drug may be cough alleviating, respiratory system relaxing or simply moisturizing and tranquillising.
• An efficient therapeutic procedure in cases of various respiratory diseases by reducing inflammation and alleviating cough.



 Salt therapy is a natural therapeutic method. During the session, dry salt aerosol is inhaled in the salt chamber. It is not only an effective and safe, but also a pleasant therapeutic procedure, during which it is possible to relax and listen to peaceful music.

• reduces spasms in respiratory tracts and eases breathing
• liquefies the secretion in bronchi and makes it easier to cough out
• improves the organism’s immunological resistance, reduces allergic reactions and catching infections
• calms the nervous system
• frequent viral infections, common cold, cough
• asthma
• chronic pharyngitis, sore throat and sinusitis
• bronchitis, follow-up therapy for pneumonia
• frequent otitis
• skin problems caused by allergens
• allergic cold
• skin eczema, atopic dermatitis
• psoriasis
• instability of the nervous system, stress, anxiety disorders
• insomnia
• joint inflammation
• acute infections with fever
• history of pulmonary tuberculosis or other severe lung diseases
• malignant tumours
• severe respiratory or cardiac insufficiency




Local thermal procedure used for muscle relaxation e.g before massage or therapeutic exercises but also in case of chronic joint and muscle problems and sometimes for post-traumatic recovery.

Effect: The procedure has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Warmth reduces muscle tensions, dilates blood vessels in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, improves reflectively blood circulation deeper in the muscles and joints and reduces pain. A combination of ozocerite (natural mineral wax) and paraffin is used for applications at the temperature of 39-42 ºC. The adding of ozocerite to the paraffin keeps the mixture warm for a longer timer and the essential oils in ozokerite have a therapeutic effect.

Contraindications: acute inflammatory disease, exacerbation of a chronic joint disease, intolerance of warmth.


The facial treatment meant for our youngest clients is light and moisturizing. It starts with gentle face tonic for cleansing, after which softening face mask is applied. While the mask is on to take effect, gentle hand massage is performed.

The result is silky smooth skin which feels pampered.


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