Other therapies


Inhalation therapy

Salt therapy


During the procedure a special inhalator is used through which a prescribed medicine is inhaled as aerosol.

As necessary, the effect of the drug may be cough alleviating, respiratory system relaxing or simply moisturizing and tranquillising.
• An efficient therapeutic procedure in cases of various respiratory diseases by reducing inflammation and alleviating cough.



Salt therapy is a natural therapeutic method. During the session, dry salt aerosol is inhaled in the salt chamber. It is not only an effective and safe, but also a pleasant therapeutic procedure, during which it is possible to relax and listen to peaceful music.

• reduces spasms in respiratory tracts and eases breathing
• liquefies the secretion in bronchi and makes it easier to cough out
• improves the organism’s immunological resistance, reduces allergic reactions and catching infections
• calms the nervous system
• frequent viral infections, common cold, cough
• asthma
• chronic pharyngitis, sore throat and sinusitis
• bronchitis, follow-up therapy for pneumonia
• frequent otitis
• skin problems caused by allergens
• allergic cold
• skin eczema, atopic dermatitis
• psoriasis
• instability of the nervous system, stress, anxiety disorders
• insomnia
• joint inflammation
• acute infections with fever
• history of pulmonary tuberculosis or other severe lung diseases
• malignant tumours
• severe respiratory or cardiac insufficiency


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