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Inhalation therapy

Salt therapy

Health capsule

 Kinesio taping 


During the procedure a special inhalator is used through which a prescribed medicine is inhaled as aerosol.

As necessary, the effect of the drug may be cough alleviating, respiratory system relaxing or simply moisturizing and tranquillising.
• An efficient therapeutic procedure in cases of various respiratory diseases by reducing inflammation and alleviating cough.



Salt therapy is a natural therapeutic method. During the session, dry salt aerosol is inhaled in the salt chamber. It is not only an effective and safe, but also a pleasant therapeutic procedure, during which it is possible to relax and listen to peaceful music.

• reduces spasms in respiratory tracts and eases breathing
• liquefies the secretion in bronchi and makes it easier to cough out
• improves the organism’s immunological resistance, reduces allergic reactions and catching infections
• calms the nervous system
• frequent viral infections, common cold, cough
• asthma
• chronic pharyngitis, sore throat and sinusitis
• bronchitis, follow-up therapy for pneumonia
• frequent otitis
• skin problems caused by allergens
• allergic cold
• skin eczema, atopic dermatitis
• psoriasis
• instability of the nervous system, stress, anxiety disorders
• insomnia
• joint inflammation
• acute infections with fever
• history of pulmonary tuberculosis or other severe lung diseases
• malignant tumours
• severe respiratory or cardiac insufficiency



The DermaLife health capsule is a unique device that encompasses infrared radiation, water and steam, vibration massage, pleasant aromas and colours in a suitable proportions.

• the energy of infrared radiation stimulates body heat, repairing cellular metabolism and blood circulation in tissues
• water increases the general vitality of the organism and makes the skin smooth and elastic
• vibration massage improves muscle tone
• aromas have an affect on brain activities, preparing the body for utter relaxation
• the colour gamma is from soothing and relaxing to balancing and activating
• reducing bodyweight
• reducing cellulite
• cleansing of the organism (elimination of waste substances)
• rejuvenation of the skin
• reduction of muscular and joint pains
• recovery form mental and physical fatigue, restoration of working capacity
• treatment of sleep disorders
• severe cardiac, pulmonary and renal ailments
• hypertension
• neurological diseases (epilepsy)
• pregnancy
• open wounds
• pustules or cyst



People all over the world suffer from back pain, neck pain, knee pain and joint pain, and in many cases ordinary methods of treatment cannot help them. Kinesio taping is a method that is based on the natural healing of the body itself.


It uses a specially developed tape which allows the skin to breathe and which enables a wide scope of movement. The tape contains no pharmaceutically active or adhesive agents. It is effective whatever the everyday situation you find yourself in, whether it be working, playing sport or taking a shower.Kinesio taping can be used for head and neck pain as well as for back problems such as lower back pain and scoliosis. Use of the tape leaves no marks or scars. It has proven successful in the treatment of a range of sports injuries, including to muscles and joints, and for post-trauma support.


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