Ultrasound treatment

Laser therapy

Magnetic therapy


The doctor will select a suitable treatment from the broad range of low and mid frequency pulsed currents.
• efficient alleviator of pain in case of acute inflammations of joints and neuritis
• individual intolerance
• malignant tumours
• blood diseases
• tuberculosis
• serious cardiac insufficiency
• high blood pressure
• serious cardiac arrhythmia (heart stimulator)
• pregnancy
• decompensated diabetes
• thyrotoxicosis, hyperthyreosis
• artificial joints or metal plates in the organism



Ultrasound is a high-frequency low-intensity sound used for therapeutic purposes. The procedure is local, it warms and alleviates the pain.
• reduces joint or muscle contracture
• In order to increase the effect, ultrasound therapy is often performed with different gels and ointments (phonophoresis)
• improves tissue nutrition in case of post-traumatic conditions and trophic ulcers
• suitable for joint, nerve, tendon and muscle treatments
• used most often for the treatment of arthrosis and fibromyalgia
• acute inflammation
• pregnancy
• tumours
• cardio-vascular diseases
• skin injuries
• heart stimulator
• conditions after x-ray and radiotherapy
• after laminectomy and metal osteosynthesis



Laser therapy is based on the effect that laser radiation has on the biologic tissue.
An average duration of a treatment course is 4 to 6 time, minimum 3 times. Treatment courses may be performed 2 to 3 times per year. The therapeutic effect may occur weeks later, but most of the people feel the healing effect already during the treatment. Laser therapy is usually well tolerated and does not increase blood pressure. Laser therapy may be used as mono therapy or as a part of a complex therapy combined with massage, thermotherapy, kinesitherapy and other types of electrotherapy.

• anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect
• improves tissue metabolism
• accelerates the recovery processes
• inhibits fibrosis
• reduces oedemas and nerve ending sensitivity
• frequently used in cases of chronic inflammations joints, muscles and tendons
• suitable for the treatment of post-traumatic condition
• malignant tumours
• blood diseases
• acute infectious diseases
• pregnancy
• chronic cardiac, hepatic or renal insufficiency
• decompensated diabetes
• toxic thyroid gland enlargement



A low-frequency magnetic field is used affecting tissues 4 to 5 cm deep.
• in the magnetic field peripheral blood vessels are dilated
• blood circulation in tissues and metabolism is improved
• reduces oedemas
• hastens the absorption of haemorrhages
• stimulates the recovery of bone fractures
• used in cases of trophic ulcers and phlebitis
• post-traumatic therapy
• joint and muscle inflammation therapy
• the procedure has a blood pressure lowering effect that is particularly useful for people with high blood pressure and for the elderly
• not suitable for people with a heart stimulator



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