Paradiisi Saunad

In Pärnu Tervise Paradiis you will find the most famous sauna pleasures of different cultures. We have collected saunas from all over the world – from Japan and Persia to Finland. Cozy and feature-rich sauna center allows you to seclude yourself and enjoy life at your own pace. On the ground floor of the water center, you can leave the hustle and bustle behind the door and peacefully relax alone or with your entire family.

Access to saunas is only open to customers who purchase the respective service (based on the wrist ribbon). Thus nothing will disturb your relaxation in the water center.

You are welcome to enjoy a Japanese bath, an aroma sauna, a steam sauna, a salt sauna, a sanarium, an ice-cold bath, a swimming pool and an especially hot steam room.

We have something for each family member: a water center where you can have fun with kids, as well as amazing saunas to relax in.

OLYMPUS / Aroma sauna
The home of Greek gods located at inaccessible mountain heights. In our version it is an aroma sauna with essential oils and luxurious mood.

SHAMBALA / Steam sauna
A kingdom hidden between the clouds of Himalayas. In our version it means relaxation of mind and diving into mists of mountain peaks.

HAREM / Salt sauna
A secluded area in a Persian palace. In our version it is a quiet place full of play of light and shadows and salt flavor.

ELYSIA / Sanarium
The resting place for Greek heroes and other great people. In our version it is a place to freshen oneself and relax in a comfortable warmth.

HYPERBOREA / Steam room
A mythological country far in the North. In our version it is a hot Finnish sauna – you will see the northern lights, and will dream of snowdrifts.

TENGOKU / Japanese bath
“The sky beyond the sky” and “the blessed place” in Japanese mythology. In our version it is a hot bath, warming your body, bones and spirit.

THULE / Ice-cold bath
A mystic Scandinavian island. In our version it is a bath with ice-cold water to cool the body after hot sauna sessions.

ATLANTIS / Swimming pool
A mysterious city at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. In our version it is a massage swimming pool for relaxation and enjoying various water treatments.

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The sauna centre will be closed 26.08-31.08.2024 for maintenance works.