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For men is an excellent way to ensure that your facial skin is clean, clear and fresh-looking.

This procedure is meant for those men who are not happy with their facial skin, which tends to be greasy and looks tired, greyish. The result: the facial skin is again fresh and clean, revived.


Hemp is known as a powerful natural fat-burning agent, which also reduced inflammation, muscle tension and pain.

During the treatment, the whole body is scrubbed with hemp scrub, which removes dead skin cells. Then a massage with hemp oil follows, toning your skin and speeding up metabolism.

The treatment results in a powerful sense of well-being as well as thoroughly hydrated and nourished skin.


Warm freshwater baths at the temperature of 36-38 ºC, to which different herbal concentrates or sea salt are added, if necessary, and combining them with the pearl bath effect of fine air bubbles and massaging jets.

Effect: warm water combined with herbal extracts relaxes and relieves stress, skin will become smoother, softer and more elastic, improves bowel motility, nervous system will be balanced, improves sleep, intensifies metabolism, improves the oxygen supply in the whole body, lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation of hands and legs.
Indications: in combination with other hydro- and thermal therapies, these baths are suitable for patients with chronic cardio-vascular diseases, in combination with exercises in the hall or in the water and with massage, these therapeutic baths reduce ailments and joint stiffness in case of different joint diseases.
Contraindications: acute inflammations, severe cardiac diseases.
PINO natural bath oils are used for medical baths to achieve the best medical effect for various skin and health problems. PINO was founded in 1904. PINO is a leading European manufacturer of products used in balneotherapy, or the treatment of diseases by bathing, and for massage.
When bathing, a pleasant and thin layer of foam forms on the surface of water, a characteristic of natural bath oils. The foam has no healing properties. The effect is achieved by various natural ingredients of these bath oils. PINO medicinal bath oils combine best natural ingredients.
Our doctors will assist you in choosing the right bath oil.

Rosemary – invigorating, refreshing, improves blood circulation in subcutaneous tissue and muscles. Alleviates muscle pains, stimulates metabolism, and supports the nervous system. Reinforces will-power and mental work capabilities. Stimulates hair growth. Is not recommended for epileptics.
Eucalyptusmenthol – has a refreshing and breath reliving effect. Good against migraine and respiratory diseases. Stimulates blood circulations in the scalp and hair roots.
Chamomile – relaxing, softening the skin, is suitable for the people with different skin diseases and gynaecological diseases.
Horse chestnut – improves blood circulation in hands and legs. Has a therapeutic effect on vascular diseases and varicose veins.
Juniper – refreshing, invigorating, stimulates the nervous system. Has antiseptic qualities, alleviates acne and eczemas. Alleviates rheumatic joint pains, stimulates the removal of waste substances from tissues.
Lavender – relaxing, softening, reduces muscular and joint pains. Is suitable against nervousness, stress and sleeping disorders. Has antiseptic qualities. Reduces acne and psoriasis. Alleviates diseases caused by catching cold.
Lemon balm – anti-inflammatory, relaxing effect. Is suitable against nervousness and sleeping disorders.
Orange – tissue trimming effect, increases metabolism of skin and subcutaneous tissues. NB! When being an active sunbather or solarium user, it is recommended to use another herb, since the orange in conjunction with UV radiation has a stimulating effect on the skin melanocytes and can have an undesirable effect.
Sea salt – improves metabolism, reduces oedemas, and removes excessive body fluids. Suitable against chronic skin diseases, psoriasis, and the blood circulation disorders in hands and legs.
Spruce thorn – antiseptic, stimulates blood circulation. Used in cases of respiratory tract infections, cold and flu and rheumatic pains. Accelerates renal functions and cleans kidneys. Suitable for people who are in the need of extra energy, who lack decisiveness and self-confidence. Oil is good against male impotency. NB! Overdose may cause irritation in case of sensitive skin.
Sea salt -  Indications: Suitable for treatment of chronic skin diseases, psoriasis and blood circulation disorders of the hands and feet.

Please note: can irritate sensitive skin if overused.


During the procedure of underwater shower massage, the patient is in a warm (36-38 ºC) bath. The therapist massages the whole body with a jet of water from a hose.

Soft tissues become more relaxed compared to a regular massage. Underwater jet massage is not painful.
Effect: improves blood circulation and oxygen supply of the organism, accelerates metabolism and removal of residual substances from the body, smoothes indurations of the subcutaneous tissue (for example injection spots of diabetics).
Indications: joint pains caused by arthrosis, decreased mobility, joint contractures, lymphostatic oedemas.
Contraindications: acute inflammations, severe cardiac diseases, fever, varices, phlebitis, thrombosis, not recommended for people who are taking anticoagulants as this therapy increases the risk of haemorrhage.


The DermaLife Spa Jet health capsule (made in Estonia) is a unique device that encompasses infrared radiation, water and steam, vibration massage, pleasant aromas and colours in suitable proportion.

The water increases the general vitality of the organism and makes the skin smooth and elastic and the vibration massage enhances muscle tone. The aromas have an affect on brain activities, preparing the body for utter relaxation. The energy of infrared radiation stimulates body heat, repairing cellular metabolism and blood circulation in tissues.

We recommend the health capsule if you wish to lose weight, fight the cellulite, overcome sleeping disorders, get rid of mental or physical fatigue.


Local thermal procedure used for muscle relaxation e.g before massage or therapeutic exercises but also in case of chronic joint and muscle problems and sometimes for post-traumatic recovery.

The procedure has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Warmth reduces muscle tensions, dilates blood vessels in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, improves reflectively blood circulation deeper in the muscles and joints and reduces pain. A combination of ozocerite (natural mineral wax) and paraffin is used for applications at the temperature of 39-42 ºC. The adding of ozocerite to the paraffin keeps the mixture warm for a longer timer and the essential oils in ozokerite have a therapeutic effect.

Contraindications: acute inflammatory disease, exacerbation of a chronic joint disease, intolerance of warmth.


Chinese foot reflexology massage has a favourable effect on all organ systems.

This massage, that is mostly applied to the sole of feet (sometimes also to the legs), has a relaxing and pleasant effect. By influencing certain areas, stress, headaches, problems connected with upper and lower back can be relieved and blood pressure can be adjusted.


Already the emperors of Ancient Rome enjoyed the healing effect of lava stones and stone massage was also in honour among Native Americans and Chinese. The used stones have received their energy from the wind, sun and water.
This treatment based on oriental teaching combines the massaging of energy centres or chakras with stone and hand as well as influencing of chakras with semiprecious stones. Pre-heated lava stones are placed on the body. When coming into contact with the skin, they pass on heat and solar energy, thereby reducing muscle tensions, expanding blood vessels, regulating digestion, metabolism and the hormonal system. Heat also opens up energy channels and releases energy blocks, thereby toning up the whole organism and balancing the energies within.
Lava stone massage is a deeply relaxing procedure that removes tiredness and stress and nurtures the vitality.


Restores the inner calm which in its turn activates physical healing, creates balance between body and soul, decreases the level of stress hormones in the body, improves the blood supply in the scalp, metabolism and work of fat glands, relieves chronic headache.

Effect: guarantees the necessary quantity of oxygen and nutrients, improves blood supply and fluid circulation. Regular head massage stimulates hair growth. Head massage is also deeply relaxing. Calms the central nervous system. Helps against insomnia. Relieves pain. Relieves mental and physical stress. Removes chronic tension from the neck, shoulders and back. Removes tension from the eyes. Improves carriage and mobility. Relieves from negative emotions. Stimulates brain work.

Indications: malaise, exhaustion from mental work, depression, stress, headaches, migraine, nervousness, muscle tension, high blood pressure, concentration problems, strengthening the immunity system, hair loss.
fever, tumours, cancer, thyroid disorders, acute heart disease, inflammatory processes, recent surgery in the area of the head, bruises and wounds, head trauma, low and fluctuating blood pressure, skin diseases in the massaged area, eczema, intoxication.


Stressed shoulders aroma massage is a pleasant treatment restoring the capacity for work implemented on the shoulders as the most stressed area.
Stressed shoulders indicate the pain caused by the tensions of the shoulders and neck, numbness of hands and fingers, tennis elbow, headache etc. The pain gives a sign of excessive load, stress and muscle tension and notifies of the necessity to do something against it.
Recognized Finnish aromatherapist Ulla-Maija Grace has developed a mix of aroma oils especially for relieving these problems together with the respective massage technique. The massage relieves stress and muscle tensions, alleviates pain, improves blood circulation and metabolism and restores the capacity for work.


The basis of this foot massage, which restores balance to your whole body, is the reflexology foot charts from Chinese folk medicine. The body reflects information about the conditions of its organs in certain areas on its surface, and those on the soles of the feet can influence the entire body.

The use of oils and salves in combination with massage is influenced by Ayurveda teachings from India. Also used in this massage are the lines of the feet, which originate from the traditional Thai massage Nuad Bo-Rarn.

This foot massage is the perfect way to work off stress and mental tiredness and can relieve a number of health complaints. It is not recommended for pregnant women.


This massage can be performed for single parts of the body or for the whole body, according to the client’s wishes and needs.
• relaxes painful and tense muscles
• accelerates metabolism
• activates the lymphatic circulation
• cleans the organism of waste substances
• improves blood circulation
• has a relaxing effect against mental and physical stress
• course of massage treatment will increase organism’s ability to resist diseases.
• severe cardiac, renal and pulmonary diseases
• malignant tumours
• Inflammatory diseases
• contagious diseases
• blood coagulation disorders
• varicose veins and phlebitis


The aim of the treatment is to remove excess fluids, toxins and residues from your body and to offer you an effective fat cells splitting and slimming process.
The treatment starts with a body peeling, followed by a seawater-based mask that restores the skin’s content of trace elements and minerals thanks to brown seaweed; the caffeine activates fat-burning mechanisms. The tang in the mask speeds sweating and drives residues and toxins out of your body. The treatment is finished by a body cleansing lotion applied all over your body.


This treatment combines classic manicure with moisturising wellness treatment.

Spa manicure includes treatment of your nails and cuticles. Your hands and the skin around your cuticles are exfoliated with a cream that that contains AHAs, vitamins A and E and natural sugar crystals to remove dead skin cells and brighten the skin of your hands. Once the exfoliating cream has been removed, your hands will be covered with a deeply moisturising clay mask that restores the natural moisture content of your skin. The treatment ends with a hand and arm (up to the elbows) massage and you can also have your nails polished if you wish.

The treatment is suitable for people who enjoy wellness and want to have beautiful hands.


Classic pedicure is a treatment for feet that makes them look good.

The treatment is suitable for everyone who thinks that good-looking feet are important. The treatment starts with a cleansing footbath that smells of citrus fruit and tea tree oil. This is followed by treatment of nails and cuticles. Your feet are then exfoliated with a cream that contains AHAs, vitamins A and E and natural sugar crystals to remove thickened and hardened skin. The treatment ends with a light foot massage with Avocado Lipid Complex skin smoother and a foot cream containing plant extracts and your nails will be polished if you wish. The treatment will give you silky smooth and beautiful feet.


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