Treatment packages

The treatment packages of Tervise Paradiis are put together by taking into account the different needs.
In many packages, there is a doctor's consultation waiting for you when you arrive. Along with the professional doctor, you can make the best selection from the broad choice of curative procedures.

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In the case of any questions we kindly ask you to contact our sales department:
telephone: +372 447 9219,

NB! Every second Tuesday of every month from October to May is regular maintenance day in the water park. The water park is closed for the entire maintenance day! The swimming pool, the gym and the aerobics are open on maintenance days. There are no maintenance days in summer (June, July and August). Maintenance day in December 2019 is on 3rd of December 2019. Swimming pool is closed for maintenance 26.08-29.08.2019, water park is closed for maintenance 2.09-8.09.2019, sauna centre is closed for maintenance 26.08-29.08.2019.

Hea tervis on täieliku õnne alus! Suurepärane tervisepuhkus Pärnus Tervise Paradiisis


(starting with 4 nights)
Good health is the cornerstone of complete happiness. Therefore, it is important to pay constant attention to your health and notice whenever it needs a little bit of fostering.

There is a wide range of excellent opportunities to take care of one’s health under the professional care of the staff in Tervise Paradiis. You will get competent advice here and suitable health promotion for prevention and relief of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular diseases and many other problems. It is recommended to stay for a longer holiday and the benefits will be even greater.

You will have:

  • good advice from our experienced doctors (recurrent medical counselling if you stay for at least 5 nights)
  • up to 3 different procedures per each night of stay from the following list as recommended by the doctor:
    o classical massage 23 min
    o herbal pearl bath with versatile effect, underwater shower massage, warm ozocerite wrap to relieve muscle tension and joint pains
    o therapeutic shower, whirlpool bath for hands or feet, natural treatment in the salt chamber, stretch therapy, ultra-sound therapy, magnetic therapy, electrotherapy, inhalation therapy,
    o water gymnastics, therapeutic gymnastics Mon-Fri
  • entertaining and relaxing pastime in the water park
  • stimulating morning exercise Mon-Fri
  • refreshing swimming at 6:30-15:00
  • use of gym at 6:30-22:00
  • tasty buffet dinner on the day of arrival
  • tasty buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner on long days of treatment
  • tasty buffet breakfast on the day of departure
  • accommodation in a comfortable twin/double room of the 4-star hotel                                            
11.08.2019-08.01.2020 standard superior
1 person 1 night in a twin/double room 71 € 76 €
Extra charge for a twin/double room in single use, 1 night 36 € 40 €
Extra charge for a suite, 1 night   - 54 €

Children up to age11 (11 included) get spa treatments that are part of the spa therapy package at 40% off the listed price.

Professionaalne kuurortravi neile, kes ei vaja majutust hotellis.

a curative day with therapies

Professional spa therapy for those who do not need accommodation in the Tervise Paradiis Hotel. A broad choice of curative procedures for the alleviation of different diseases.

The package includes:

  • up to 3 different relaxing procedures per day from the following:
    • Mo-Sa exercises in water, therapeutic exercises Mon-Fri
    • herbal-pearl bath,
    • paraffin-ozokerite therapy,
    • Charcot shower, Scottish shower or fan shower,
    • whirlpool bath for hands or feet,
    • underwater shower massage,
    • stretch therapy (with doctor's recommendation),
    • ultrasound therapy (with doctor's recommendation),
    • magnetic therapy (with doctor's recommendation),
    • electrotherapy (with doctor's recommendation),
    • inhalation therapy,
    • classic massage, 23 min,
    • Doctor's consultation for patients who have therapy for 4 days as a minimum.

NB! If you select your procedures without a doctor's consultation, please make appointments for them at the spa reception.

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1 person 1 day                                                                                                                               


for children  between the ages of 5 and 11 inclusive

15 €

A curative day with therapies with relaxation at the water park and with a tasty meal in our
buffet -restaurant / 1 person 1 day

30 €

Check-in since 15:00, check-out until 12:00.
Tervise Paradiis Spa Hotel & Water park reserve themselves the right to change the prices.