Children's playroom

TERVISE PARADIIS is a hotel for the whole family!

At the holiday, your children can have a good time in our palyroom. The playroom is on the Floor II of the Hotel. The unsupervised playroom is intended for clients of Tervise Paradiis during their stay here and is free.

Internal rules of the playroom
To make sure that all children have a great time in the playroom, please observe the following rules:

  • When you go to the playroom take a good mood with you. Children playing in the playroom are polite, good-willing and friendly towards each other.
  • The playroom is suitable primarily for pre-school children.
  • Parents of children or adults accompanying them are fully responsible for the children’s safety in the playroom. Please note that certain attractions of the playroom are not suitable for children of all ages. 
  • Before start of play the parent introduces the internal rules of the playroom to the child.
  • Every child present in the playroom must wear a clean second pair of shoes or socks.
  • We are not responsible for clothes and personal items of guests.
  • It is forbidden to enter the playroom with a candy, gum, drink or any food.
  • It is forbidden to bring sharp objects (knives, scissors and other sharp items) into the playroom.
  • The playroom must be kept tidy and in good order. After the end of the game toys must be placed back in their places, and the “ocean of balls” must be brought back to its initial state.
  • It is forbidden to break toys and other property located in the playroom. If any toy or other property located in the playroom is broken, please inform the hotel administrator thereof.
  • Toys and other objects located in the playroom are intended for use in the playroom only, and guests are not allowed to take such objects with them when they leave. If you accidentally took any object with you when leaving the playroom, please return it to us at first opportunity.
  • In case of any questions or problems please contact the hotel administrator.

We welcome you to have a holiday with the whole family!