MatiSpa Relax  - ”Relaxing Touch“

MatiSpa Age - ”Rejuvenating and toning touch”
MatiSpa Slim - ”Slimming and skin smoothening touch”
MatiSpa Detox - ”Waste excreting and body cleaning touch”


Classical massage

Relaxing head massage

(European) zone therapy

Chinese foot reflexology massage

Aroma massage

Stressed shoulders aroma massage

Stress-relieving neck and shoulder aromatherapy massage + foot massage

Honey massage

Chocolate massage
Oriental foot massage

Anti- cellulite massage

Lava stone massage

Waterbed massage

Massage with hemp oil

MATISPA RELAX - ”Relaxing Touch“

Slow and tender movements such as caresses, pats, stretches. Touches that gently help to reduce and remove tensions. Reflexological points on fingertips and toes are touched to create a total feeling of wellness and relaxation.

Active substances: hempseed oil – relaxing and antiphlogistic

Pomegranate seed oil – helps to retain the elasticity of skin and keeps the skin soft. Procedure duration 45 min.

MATISPA AGE - ”Rejuvenating and Toning Touch”

Stimulating, energising and toning movements such as lifting the skin, strong divergent movements. In order to improve the metabolism of skin and to give the body youthfulness and a younger appearance.

Active substances: cranberry oil – contains lots of minerals, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids

Inca inch oil – improves the skin's protective functions, improves renewing of cells and smoothening of skin structures.

MATISPA SLIM – ”Slimming and Skin Smoothening Touch”

Shaping and slimming movements such as strong pounding, rolling, use of knuckles and overall stimulation in order to influence all the skin tissues and visible cellulite, and to give the silhouette a new shape.

Active substances: macademia nut oil – helps to improve the appearance of stretch marks, balances sebum secretion, helps to improve absorption of active substances into skin. Sandalwood oil – smoothens and reduces the unevenness of skin, absorbs fast into skin.

 MATISPA DETOX – ”Waste Excreting and Body Cleaning Touch”

Movements from the bottom up improve blood circuit, improve the state of skin tissues and excrete waste substances, helping to achieve a feeling of lightness. The body feels lighter and the silhouette prettier. In order to achieve a better result, the treatment should definitely be retaken!

Active substances: marula nut oil – high concentration of vitamin C

Apricot stone oil – restores vitality, both this and the previous oil contain a lot of omega-9 fatty acids that have a toning effect.


This massage can be performed for single parts of the body or for the whole body, according to the client’s wishes and needs.
• relaxes painful and tense muscles
• accelerates metabolism
• activates the lymphatic circulation
• cleans the organism of waste substances
• improves blood circulation
• has a relaxing effect against mental and physical stress
• course of massage treatment will increase organism’s ability to resist diseases.

• severe cardiac, renal and pulmonary diseases
• malignant tumours
• Inflammatory diseases
• contagious diseases
• blood coagulation disorders
• varicose veins and phlebitis


Restores the inner calm which in its turn activates physical healing, creates balance between body and soul, decreases the level of stress hormones in the body, improves the blood supply in the scalp, metabolism and work of fat glands, relieves chronic headache.

Effect: guarantees the necessary quantity of oxygen and nutrients, improves blood supply and fluid circulation. Regular head massage stimulates hair growth. Head massage is also deeply relaxing. Calms the central nervous system. Helps against insomnia. Relieves pain. Relieves mental and physical stress. Removes chronic tension from the neck, shoulders and back. Removes tension from the eyes. Improves carriage and mobility. Relieves from negative emotions. Stimulates brain work.

Indications: malaise, exhaustion from mental work, depression, stress, headaches, migraine, nervousness, muscle tension, high blood pressure, concentration problems, strengthening the immunity system, hair loss.
fever, tumours, cancer, thyroid disorders, acute heart disease, inflammatory processes, recent surgery in the area of the head, bruises and wounds, head trauma, low and fluctuating blood pressure, skin diseases in the massaged area, eczema, intoxication.


Zone therapy is based on a knowledge that the organism reflects information about the condition of its organs onto certain zones on the body.

In order to influence the body via points on the sole of the foot both feet are massaged with thumbs, fingers and knuckles in a certain sequence, direction and strength. The massage guarantees you a relaxation and balance and gives you notice of possible problems.
We do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women.


Chinese foot reflexology massage has a favourable effect on all organ systems.

This massage, that is mostly applied to the sole of feet (sometimes also to the legs), has a relaxing and pleasant effect. By influencing certain areas, stress, headaches, problems connected with upper and lower back can be relieved and blood pressure can be adjusted.
We do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women.


Aroma massage is a soft massage implemented with essential oils. It balances the organism, relaxes and helps the person to overcome his/her worries.

The massage releases internal tensions which would affect the body during time and moreover, aroma massage also has an influence on existing physical problems. Smooth, caressing and stretching movements help the aroma oils to absorb. Each oil has an effect to the physical body as well as the soul: calming, stimulating, purifying. Essential oils stay in the body for up to 72 hours, revitalising the tissues and improving the elasticity of the skin.
We do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women.


Stressed shoulders aroma massage is a pleasant treatment restoring the capacity for work implemented on the shoulders as the most stressed area.
Stressed shoulders indicate the pain caused by the tensions of the shoulders and neck, numbness of hands and fingers, tennis elbow, headache etc. The pain gives a sign of excessive load, stress and muscle tension and notifies of the necessity to do something against it.
Recognized Finnish aromatherapist Ulla-Maija Grace has developed a mix of aroma oils especially for relieving these problems together with the respective massage technique. The massage relieves stress and muscle tensions, alleviates pain, improves blood circulation and metabolism and restores the capacity for work.
We do not recommend stressed shoulders aroma massage for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


The stress-relieving neck and shoulder aromatherapy massage is a pleasant treatment for the neck and shoulders, which are the most prone to accumulating tension, and it also restores working capacity. 

Ulla-Maija Grace, a well-known Finnish aromatherapy specialist, has developed a mix of aromatic oils and massage technique to target these particular problems. The massage reduces stress, alleviates pain, improves circulation and metabolism and restores working capacity.

Foot massage would be a true relief for those who have had to stand or walk a lot during the day. As there are energy areas on the sole which reflect the functioning of many body organs, the effect of the massage will spread to all organs.

When foot massage is combined with the stress-relieving neck and shoulder massage, the client feels relaxed and stress-free as the result.


Honey massage has been used in ancient Asia as well as Russia. Honey massage helps to fight cellulite efficiently and makes the skin soft and smooth. Suitable in case of stress and fatigue.

Improves blood circulation and reduces muscle tensions. It helps to remove residual substances from the organism through blood and lymph circulation and accelerates their removal from the organism. As the result of the massage, energy shall start flowing freely in purified energy channels and blood circulation under the skin and in muscles improves.
Honey massage starts with a back massage and is continued with other parts of the body; possible to have a partial honey massage. It is recommended that you do not eat before the procedure. After honey massage, it is advised to drink herbal tea.
We do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women.


 Chocolate massage is suitable for all those who strive to escape stress in a uniquely pampering way.
Chocolate has a special effect on the body, both physiologically and emotionally. Chocolate releases the so-called "happiness hormones", makes you feel better and accelerates the body metabolism processes. Chocolate massage is a truly wonderful experience. Afterwards your skin will have a pleasant and tempting fragrance.
The massage with light peeling efficiently stimulates the fat-burning process, improves your figure and reduces cellulite, i.e. the "orange peel" appearance of the skin. The antioxidants and flavonoids in the cocoa bean nourish, moisturise and soften the skin, inhibiting its aging. Important ingredients: cocoa bean powder, red algae fine powder, remineralising agents.


The basis of this foot massage, which restores balance to your whole body, is the reflexology foot charts from Chinese folk medicine. The body reflects information about the conditions of its organs in certain areas on its surface, and those on the soles of the feet can influence the entire body.

The use of oils and salves in combination with massage is influenced by Ayurveda teachings from India. Also used in this massage are the lines of the feet, which originate from the traditional Thai massage Nuad Bo-Rarn. This foot massage is the perfect way to work off stress and mental tiredness and can relieve a number of health complaints. 

It is not recommended for pregnant women.


In order to reduce cellulite or prevent the accumulation of fat, we recommend anti-cellulite massage in which the problematic area is massaged with special techniques by restoring the elasticity of skin and stimulating metabolism and blood circulation.

Essential oils are also used if necessary. For attaining a beautiful result a longer-term treatment course is needed.
We do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women.


Already the emperors of Ancient Rome enjoyed the healing effect of lava stones and stone massage was also in honour among Native Americans and Chinese. The used stones have received their energy from the wind, sun and water.
This treatment based on oriental teaching combines the massaging of energy centres or chakras with stone and hand as well as influencing of chakras with semiprecious stones. Pre-heated lava stones are placed on the body. When coming into contact with the skin, they pass on heat and solar energy, thereby reducing muscle tensions, expanding blood vessels, regulating digestion, metabolism and the hormonal system. Heat also opens up energy channels and releases energy blocks, thereby toning up the whole organism and balancing the energies within.
Lava stone massage is a deeply relaxing procedure that removes tiredness and stress and nurtures the vitality.
We do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women.


Waterbed massage is suitable for relieving work related stress, muscle tensions and gaining a sense of general well-being.

This treatment offers almost all the advantages of thermotherapy, hydrotherapy and classical massage. When lying on the water mattress, a person will not come into contact with water, the body is fully supported and the lying position makes one feel nearly weightless. Water jets follow the basic movements of classical massage depending on the chosen mode (from calm caressing and patting to strong conical and crescent-shaped whirling).


The oils and vitamins extracted from hemp seeds will envelop your skin in a luxurious nourishing veil. 

The relaxing massage will make the skin receptive to new nutrients. The treatment leaves your skin nourished and thoroughly hydrated while your body enjoys relaxation and your mind calms down.


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