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Matis  body treatment (body scrub + wrap + massage)

Everyone needs something truly special every now and again to break them out of their everyday routine and to recharge their batteries.The Wellspring of Paradise’ is a luxurious treatment for the whole body that leaves it enriched with vitamins, reduces tension and restores your face’s natural shine.

The treatment starts with the whole-body peeling. After that a wrapping procedure is performed, during which the skin is saturated with vitamins, gets new energy and strength. While enjoying the wrap you receive a relaxing facial which will restore natural shine and freshness. The treatment ends with a special Bali Spa massage, which uses dynamic pressure and aromatherapy to boost the health of body, mind and soul alike.Just for you…


Parafango is a mixture of paraffin and sea mud that is very rich in minerals. Parafango therapy is a warm and pleasant metabolism hastening procedure and an effective anti-cellulite treatment. The well known curative properties of warm paraffin and natural sea mud as well as special metabolism improving active serums and creams are used.

• makes the body slenderer and the figure more beautiful
• effectively reduces cellulite problems
• cleanses the body of waste substances and repairs blood and lymphatic circulation
• makes the skin smoother, more elastic, softer and revitalises dry skin
• reduces muscular and joint pains
• relaxes, refreshes and gives a wonderful feeling, reduces fatigue and stress
• cellulite
• flabby and dry skin
• stress and exhaustion
• “heavy tired feet”
• muscular and joint pains
• stretch marks and pregnancy scars
• tumours
• severe cardiac, pulmonary or renal disease
• general acute disease
• phlebitis
• bleeding tendency
• skin sensitivity disorder
• wounds, fresh scars, dermatitis, allergic rashes
Be cautious in case of diabetes!
For anti-cellulite therapy with the parafango treatment we recommend two to three procedures per week, at least ten procedures in total. This body care is suitable only for women.


This pleasant and relaxing body care is a real gift to yourself – a peaceful hour of stress-relieving care having a positive effect on the whole body and allowing you to rise above everyday problems.

The soothing parafango treatment is an enjoyable combination of the best qualities of natural sea mud and paraffin therapy. Due to the warmth, active substances penetrate deep into the tissues, having a calming and refreshing effect as well as creating a wonderful feeling. The deep moisturising effect of this care revitalises even very dry skin.
• reduces muscular and joint pains
• improves lymphatic and blood circulation and reduces oedemas
• smoothes and softens the skin
• tumours
• severe cardiac, pulmonary or renal disease
• general acute disease
• bleeding tendecy
• phlebitis
• skin problems, including: wounds, fresh scars, allergic rashes, dermatitis or skin sensitivity disorders
• excessive hair growth on the back or legs
Possibility to select the treated area – back or legs. Also suitable for men.


Hemp is known as a powerful natural fat-burning agent, which also reduced inflammation, muscle tension and pain.

During the treatment, the whole body is scrubbed with hemp scrub, which removes dead skin cells. Then a massage with hemp oil follows, toning your skin and speeding up metabolism.

The treatment results in a powerful sense of well-being as well as thoroughly hydrated and nourished skin.


The treatment begins with body peeling where the surface of skin gets smooth and clean, renewing of skin is restored. It is followed by a relaxing massage where slow and tender movements such as caresses, pats, stretches, gently help to reduce and remove tensions. Reflexological points on fingertips and toes are touched to create a total feeling of wellness and relaxation.


The treatment begins with the use of body scrubs of different strengths, followed by a relaxing body wrap, followed by a massage chosen after consultation with the beauty therapist, and a suitable body wrap – Relaxing, Firming or Slimming.

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