Bowling bar menu


NB! The menu is avaliable only on pre-order. For ordering please contact our sales department Mon-Fri 8:00-16:30

+372 447 9219 or

Meat platter (with tomato sauce)

(fried beans and ham, mini grilled sausages, pepperoni pizza)

14 €

Chicken platter (with spicy sauce)

(crispy chicken fillet nuggets, chicken wings, chicken pizza)

13 €

Fish platter (with tartar sauce)

(fried crab claws, battered fish, herring tartare and fried bread)

13 €

Tortilla platter

(tortilla rolls with cream cheese and fresh salad, tortilla rolls with tuna and fried egg)

10 €

Vegetable platter (with dip)

(carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, cauliflower florets)

9 €

Pub platter (with dip)

(garlic bread, chips, nachos)

9 €

Fruit platter (selection of fruits)

8 €

Cheese and cured meats platter

(3 gourmet cheeses and 4 cured hams or salami with sides)

50 €