Seeing is believing and hunger is the best sauce!

À la carte restaurant on the 2nd floor of Tervise Paradiis, will greet You with a fresh makeover! Both, of the interior and of the menu.

Light colours, Scandinavian style and attention to details ... We know these things to be an important part of the ultimate gastronomic experience. Restaurant can accommodate
up to 50 quests and every dish is served to a splendid
view of the sea. Live music on Saturdays. 

The New Year has arrived with a complete new set of tastes for our à la care restaurant. We offer a first rate menu – our dishes are characterized by carefully chosen components, which create surprising new tastes and break traditions.

A great example of a most delicious appetizer is our Marbled beef à la tartar accompanied with avocado purée and Prosciutto chips (€6.90). From the pasta selection the Grilled scallop with cuttlefish ink spaghetti in fish broth (€6.90) is simply irresistible. And for a truly unforgettable main dish experience our Beef cheek with Café de Paris sauce and fresh greens and vegetables on the side (€14.80) is a great choice.
Please explore our full menu here.

To please the taste buds of little gastronomes, we have put together a special Menu for children.

À la Carte restaurant’s Drinks card, with fresh additions of some excellent wines and quality beer, is yet another opportunity to have superb gastronomic experiences.

May you have unparalleled taste experiences with us,
Tervise Paradiis