NEW! Intensive treatment for problematic feet


New treatment avaliable in the treatment and relaxation procedures department in Tervise Paradiisi  -

intensive treatment for problematic feet

Allpresan® pedicare is a foot care and therapy product line that includes patented foam creams for beauty salons as well as for giving foot treatments and therapies at home. Our foam creams contain urea – which is a substance naturally produced by the human body – and are thus easily absorbed, have a strong moisturising effect, do not clog pores and let your feet breathe freely.

Allpresan® pedicare products are designed for everyday and intensive care of dry and very dry skin and for diabetic foot care. Special care products widen the scope of use of our line and as such Allpresan® pedicare products are ideal for dry, chapped and sweating skin as well as for conditions known as athlete’s foot and diabetic foot.

This intensive treatment is recommended for everyone whose feet require special care and who would like to improve the condition of their feet.

The treatment includes nail grooming and removal of calluses (to a reasonable extent). Only Allpresan® pedicare products are used for the treatment. After finishing the treatment the pedicure specialist will give you individual foot care tips.

Treatment duration: 45 minutes
Price Mon-Thu 34 €, Fri-Sun 39 €

Information and booking for a treatment Mon -Sun 8:00-19:00 tel +372  447 9220,