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Deep cleansing and firming ultrasound facial treatment
Intensive hydrating, deep cleansing and anti-ageing facial treatment for all skin types.

Ultrasound treatment restores and cleanses skin, improving its condition and making aging effects less apparent. Ultrasound therapy is painless and does not have any irritating effects on the skin, it is suitable for all ages and all types of skin, including very sensitive and thin, as well as couperose-prone skin. In addition to having a deep cleansing effect the ultrasound treatment facilitates recovery of skin cells, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, accelerates toxin removal and increases delivery of oxygen to skin cells.

As the result, skin becomes smoother, its elasticity is increased, skin complexion becomes fresh and clear. Ultrosound helps active ingredients to penetrate deeper into skin, skin becomes more hydrated and wrinkles become less visible.

Revolutionary active ingredient 3D Hydra APS consists of polarized water and hyaluronic acid, which provides 3-phase active moisturizing of skin cells. Celldetox® facilitates elimination of toxins. The combination of active ingredients ensures thorough hydration of skin. You can relax with the mask while having a massage of the lower neck. At the end of the procedure active serum and 24-hour cream are applied on your skin. 

Deep cleansing and firming ultrasound facial treatment 
60 min, price
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