A valuable gift to your special one, friend or acquaintance is a gift card of Tervise Paradiis!

Why not give one of your friends or family members, a colleague or that special someone in your life a gift card for one of the services offered at Tervise Paradiis? You can choose from:

  • a relaxing spa package (you nominate the duration and number of people);
  • an invigorating therapeutic package (you nominate the duration and number of people);
  • spa relaxations and treatment procedures (according to your selection)
  • accommodation at the hotel (you nominate the duration)
  • dinner at A la Carté restaurant
  • visiting Estonia's biggest water park (you nominate the number of people)
  • Spa&Sports Club period card
  • spending quality time in the Bowling - in addition with the catering
  • and more.

You can also choose value-based gift cards of €10, €20, €30 or €60 which can be used in the water park, bars, restaurants, bowling alley, hotel, fitness room, aerobics gym and therapy department. The total value of the gift card can be redeemed at one or more service points in the complex. You can spend the money on the card in one or in several service units.

You can also put together a gift card with any combination of the services we offer. Value-based gift cards are valid in spaa Tervis and spa Tervise Paradiis as well.

Value-based gift cards are valid for one year from the date of issue.
Service-based gift cards are valid from the date of issue until the end of the calendar year.

We also offer the MY FIRST SPA package in the form of a gift card.

Contact the Sales Department and choose your gift!
Gift cards are on sale at the Tervise Paradiis Hotel reception desk, and for further information, please call +372 447 9219.

Please take a look at the Rules of using a gift card here ort in the left-hand menu.